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Basalite wrote:

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

I spent several hours tonight visiting various photographer's sites. I would visit a site, check the blog roll, click a random link, spend time viewing the work of the photographer and then move on to the next link.

There are amazing photographers out there. Amazing work, technique and style. It was a humbling experience but one I, and probably most of us, need in order to improve. There's nothing like visiting the sites of other photographers and discovering that you still have a lot to learn about choice of subjects, composition, post-processing and more.

I realize that I've still (after all these years) got a lot to learn. I may never be as good as the photographers whose websites I visited but in studying their work I have something to aspire to.

What was most pleasant was that the sites I visited were not about the gear but about the photography. A very refreshing evening away from gear talk. Everyone should try that.

Just because you were viewing sites showcases images doesn't mean "the gear" is not important. Gear that takes superior pictures and that allows you to more easily take your pictures is most certainly important.

The technical side of photography is not difficult to learn. The artistic side is the more challenging. The most important part though is knowing how what you see with your eyes gets translated to the image. Often times what looks impressive through our eyes makes for lousy pictures.

...Just curious. If you see a scene and decide to get the camera out, do you get it out and shoot or do you first double check by closing one eye?

The reason I ask, is that if your not closing one eye you're are seeing the scene through two eyes, giving you depth. Depth that enhances the view.

The camera is only a single eye (metaphorically speaking). A single eye cannot show depth. Without this depth perception the scene looks flat and very different. If you close one eye and the scene still looks good, then take the shot.

If you haven't used the one eye technique, try it now. Just look at the room around you with one eye closed and you will see the room as the camera does.

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