What bugs me the most of Pentax not having a fullframe camera

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What bugs me the most of Pentax not having a fullframe camera

Hello to all!

I know, I know. This subject is beaten to death and it won't end until Ricoh comes and states that they will never EVER release a fullframe camera.

And now there's this big buzz around the new Sony A7/7r.

Before I start, let me say that I used to be a Sony user (owned an A100 and two A700), then I've switched to Pentax (K5), and then this year bought a Nex 6 which I completely fell in love with (more than I would've liked).

The thing with the Nex is that I realised how great it is to get good pictures (as good as the K5, since they share the same sensor), in a small package, yet being able to use my Pentax lenses. Although some lenses are difficult to use without stabilisation (like the 70-200mm F2.8).

So, when the rumors about a FF Nex started to grow I had really high hopes. And then, in a very Sony'ish way, my expectations fell short.

- No IBIS;

- Bigger than I would've like only because that stupid faux-prism;

- No in-built flash (not that I use it, but it's always nice to have as an emergency or to fire other flashes wirelessly);

- Loud shutter;

- ISO goes up only to 25600;

And other small things like no touchscreen, no improvement over the EVF, no USB 3.0 and so.

Then I'm seeing the "new" Nikon D5300 and it's another me too camera. As someone have commented on the D5300 preview, Nikon is just milking the old cow over and over again.

The "big three" (SoCaNikon): always seem to offer something half-baked. On purpose.

And then it struck me, and this is why I'm writing this:

Pentax seems the only company to actually listen to what their users want (except for a fullframe camera ). Pentax seems the only one to push their cameras a little bit to offer more than the competition. The only one that doesn't seem affraid to offer the best they can at that price. They're not affraid of thinking "Oh, if we offer this thing on a camera at this level, then people won't buy our top camera".

Let's take the K30 for example. A mid-level camera with twin dials and weathersealing! That's not a small feat!

Now the K3 with USB3.0 and this new, how can I say, 'multi-white-balance' thing. Not to mention improvements over AF.

Also their top cameras (K5, K5-II, K5-IIs and now the K3) are the only ones to have ISO up to 51200. Better than most fullframes that are stopping at 25600)

Pentax usually manage to offer things that no one is expecting at certain levels of cameras. Of course they're not perfect and there are flaws like the flash system, AF inaccuracies, AF slower than competition and such (and I'm not even going to talk about the K-01...). Also their video features aren't the greatest but.. I don't do video, so I'm fine with that.

So, to sum it up, what it bugs me that Pentax doesn't offer a fullframe camera (whether it'd be a small camera like the A7/7r or a fullsized camera like the Nikon D800), it's because I'm pretty sure that would be a hell of a camera.

Having everything the others have and then some more. At a competitive price!

The ball is on their court and they shouldn't be affraid to take that advantage.

Until then, I'll be using happily both my K5 and Nex 6 and keep an eye on both courts

Thanks for reading!

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I'm lazy to post my pics here. So you can look at them here:
Or you can look at older stuff here:

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