Are you tempted to switch to Sony A7 or get one as well as your Fuji?

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Re: Are you tempted to switch to Sony A7 or get one as well as your Fuji?

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

A small compact full frame with those absolutely gorgeous 24 and 36mp sensors is very tempting.

How many are tempted?


I might get an A7 or A7R to use with M mount and Nikon AiS lenses but I won't bother with any of the current Zeiss/Sony ones, maybe if they get a fast 35 or 50 f1.4 in the future I get them.

I sold off my X-E1 kit months ago and sold my X100s and got an RX1, the RX1 isn't as nice to use as the X100s but the image quality is much better, if Fuji put a normal bayer sensor in the X100s with the same features as the current model I would get one, if the did the same with the X-E1 I would buy one of those also. how knows maybe the next X sensor will overcome the current problems with the X sensor and I'll blow the A7 out of the water.

I really liked using the X-E1 and the X100s, as cameras I think they are way ahead of Sony but as far as image quality goes I find them years behind.

Personally I don't see Sony's A7/A7R competing against Fuji's X range, The Fuji cameras are more about being small, light and quiet, the X lenses are well priced, fast and excellent, with Fuji it's more about the Rangefinder style.

I watched a "hands on" video of a guy shooting the Ar with the 24-70 lens and it looked that size of a small-ish DSLR.

From a lot of use with both the X-Pro1, X-E1 and NEX-6 I found that 3rd party manual focus lenses perform much better on the Sony and will likely perform even better on the A7.

I don't see Fuji losing too many users to the A7, only those that want/need a FF sensor,

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