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Lawrencew wrote:

rjjr wrote:

Lawrencew wrote:

It might be very small, but it still manages to pack in a host of features currently missing from the M.

Flash, WiFi, remote control, 43 focus points, "lightning fast" AF, Focus Peeking (even on the remote wifi App)

Would hope the M2 will measure up well against that..

The GM1 is only a m4/3 sensor.

That may be a consideration for some.

Of course,

But I don't want to have to trade off sensor-size against a host of what are becoming obligatory features in this class of camera. It isn't like the GM1 is a top of the range model from the M43 camp.

Being old-school, for me it boils down to a question of image quality over a wide range of ISO vs. widgets I don't really want or need.  The new FF Sony A7/A7r look very interesting to me.  I'll definitely be checking those out.

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