Why is the SLT-A58 so cheap, any obvious reasons?

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Re: Why is the SLT-A58 so cheap, any obvious reasons?

Having bought the A37 for £299 it is annoying the A58 price has dropped so quickly but no great problem as it would have happened eventually. The Alpha system is a bit confusing at the moment. I am not going to say why I think they are dumping these cameras as people will just get far too excited.

Hi, I have owned Sony Slr's before, A100, A350, A580 (which i loved).

I currently have the Sony RX100 compact which is an excellent compact.

I was just hvaing a look about at some of the more newer cameras and i noticed that the A58 is extremely cheap, i can currently but it new from amazong with a 18-55mm kit lens for just £330, probably a little cheaper if i looked on ebay etc..

Im just wondering why this camera is so cheap, is there an obvious reason why its this cheap, i am assuming its a more entry level camera, but it's specs look pretty decent.



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