Panasonic GM1: smallest mFT on its way

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Re: Panasonic GM1: smallest mFT on its way

phazelag wrote:

Agreed! If its too thick from screen to lens cap, its just not comfy. I have an Olympus XZ-1 with the screw on self closing cap and I can fit it in my pocket but its definately not as comfy as an RX100.

just look what happened with XZ-2 and RX100-2: the originals where already borderline pocketable, the increased thickness and higher weight in the new versions make most people consider them non-pocketable. The GM1 is in the same boat: these cameras won't fit in most people's pants pockets, only in a coat pocket. As others have mentioned, a belt clip is an option but that's less convenient for a 'take-anywhere' camera.

The external design is important as well: a very rounded design with recessed lens is much easier to slip in a pants pocket than a camera with obvious protrusions, like the lens on GM1. That is the price to pay for potentially higher image quality, and everyone has to decide for themselves if it is a fair price.

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