Why to choose A7/7r over A77 ?

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Re: Why to choose A7/7r over A77 ?

Abhayks wrote:

I currently have an A55 and am happy with it. However, its already 3 years old and showing age.

Planning to replace it. My choice was A77, but was holding on as the high ISO performance of A55 is better than A77. Now that A7 is released and in the price range, I am tempted to give in to Full frame and jump. However, there are various points which are stopping me from making the switch.

  1. No 2.8 lens for A7 which can AF. Now I can use Sony A-mount 2.8 lenses but they will not AF and AF is a must ( for my skills) to shoot running / playing kids. I love the bokeh provided by my current Tamron 17-50 2.8. I can reuse this lens on A77 and still have AF. No such current option on A7.
  2. I have tried A77 and its very quick to AF, much faster than my A55. Even with the limited lens available on A7, the AF speed is still in question. I have tried Nex-7 and its AF speed simply cannot be compared to my A55. If A7 is anything as slow as Nex-7, it'll be a disaster for me.
  3. A55 and A77 are good to hold while the grip of Nex-7 feels odd. A7 is decidedly heavier than Nex-7 so should be having a better feel to the grip. But does it compares to the robust grip of A77 ?
  4. A77 battery will outlive A7 battery.
  5. The joystick on A77 proves much useful, not present on A7.
  6. On A77 I can use some cheap lenses like Sony 35 1.8, Sony 28-75 2.8 , Beercan and get very good result. The lens that can AF on A7 are very expensive and will increase my budget by a huge factor.
  7. I can use my existing Flash F43 AM with A77.
  8. Tons of used lenses and accessories available for A77. A used Minolta 70-210 :F4 can be had for as little as $150-200 and is still an excellent lens. It has great AF on A77. These cheap options are un-thinkable on A7.

Considering all these options I am heavily inclined towards buying A77, well atleast that that my brain says. Not sure why my heart is fixed on A7 with the Kit Lens.

Would appreciate any points for an against A7/ A77. This will help me make the final decision.

1. All your A-Mount lenses will work with A7 with an adapter, if you can live with the adapter implementation. They will give you AF using one of the new adapters.

2. You wont know the answer to this question until more reviews come out and it has been field tested. Some initial reports are saying A7 with adapter is faster than A99 with A mount lenses.

3. You wont know the answer to this until you hold it in your hand. This will mean waiting until it hits the shelves.

4. No evidence to suggest A7 battery power will be worse than a77 yet, unless you have seen this comparison in a report of some kind recently.

5. Same as 3 above, need to hold in hand and try before making judgment on this one.

6. You can use all of these lenses on the A7 or a7r with the adapter, but APS-C lenses wil be in crop mode, so lower MPs. The a7r gives most MP in crop mode.

7. One advantage, but if high ISO is better with FF A7 then you may not need flash so often. It depends if you rely on flash.

8. These lenses can all be used on the A7 with adapter. So you can still keep your old minolta glass and cheap sony glass and re-use them.

Personally I would wait for more reviews and decide then. In particular the performance using A mount glass on these cameras. I am very tempted to go FF too, but the cost is a slight barrier right now. I may sit on current equipment for another 1 - 2 years and then upgrade.

I like the idea of being able to use A mount glass, switch between FF and crop mode, go light or go heavy, depending on the need.

That said the A77 is a fine camera at the price point compared to the new stuff coming out. Do you want the latest and greatest with the flexibility I described above? This will cost you some money to buy into. The other option is to buy a low cost A77, invest some money in nice glass then invest in the new technology in 2 - 3 years time. This will also mean the native lens lineup will have matured for the A7 / A7r style cameras.

To me the native lens lineup is not that big a deal as i would just use all my existing A mount lenses on it, and then when I need new glass slowly invest in the new lineup over time.

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