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Why do people have to put down gear sites?

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

What was most pleasant was that the sites I visited were not about the gear but about the photography. A very refreshing evening away from gear talk. Everyone should try that.

Yes, there are a million and one sites out there about photography and techniques (my favorite is 1x.com), but there are very few gear sites out there with the traffic that DPReview has.

I KNOW photography...it's my GEAR though that's always changing and improving, and it's gear sites like DPR that are the best places to get those kinds of answers!

For instance one photography site I frequent has one message posted every few months in the gear forum for my camera...on DPR the forum for my camera is one of the busiest on the site!

There's no reason to put gear sites down when you can just visit a photography techniques site!

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