Purchasing a NEX 5R/T or 6 a bad idea now?

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Re: Of course not.

captura wrote:

Rangefinder-style NEX is dead; that oracle of wisdom, SAR said so.

Actually, SAR claims this :

Quote :

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--- Editor’s note: All future E-mount cameras will have the Alpha/RX menu. By bye NEX menu! And the even bigger news is that there will be no more camera branded as “NEX”. By bye NEX! ---

DPR and a few other previews I've seen also suggest the menu and controls of possible future APS-C 'formerly-known-as-Nex' cameras will use the new UI - a huge blessing .
I didn't see any mention of the Nex body design being canned .

That said, noone knows what's going to happen to the Nex ; personally, I won't buy any Nex gear until a roadmap or detailed announcement for new 'Nex' bodies has been released .

As said above, huge PR failure by Sony to completely ignore the 'Nex' line at this point .
This, and the latest 'Nex' bodies, an underwhelming 5T and A3000 , don't make the APS-C line very desirable right now, imho .

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