Purchasing a NEX 5R/T or 6 a bad idea now?

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THIS is the perfect response to the OP question

NowHearThis wrote:

the8thark wrote:

After a long decision process I have decided to go and purchase a NEX 5R or 6. I decided I didn't need what the 5T had to offer over the 5R. But . . .
After reading about the supposed death of the NEX line

None of which came from Sony.... this means it's just BS that someone fabricated in their own mind.

and the introduction of the A7/A7r would this make purchasing the NEX camera a bad idea?

How can it? No new camera ever introduced in history has ever made any other camera start to shoot with lower IQ than what it already had. So, the NEX 5R/6 were great cameras yesterday, today they're still equally great, not one thing has been diminished from what they had before. In fact, years from now they'll still be great cameras.

Would the availability of lenses till be there in the future? I just don't want to buy it if the lens market for it just dies.

APS-C will not die. Too many people buy APS-C, I like the crop factor, smaller lenses, smaller bodies. I can't see myself choosing FF. The biggest issue FF has is you will never have a $500-$600 body and lenses will still always cost more than the APS-C versions.

So what is your all opinion on this?

It's great for those well off folks who can afford spending thousands and tens of thousands on their camera equipment. I like that Sony has offered yet another product that the big 2 don't have and my opinion is CaNikon won't release anything similar because they won't want to hurt FF sales.

Is a NEX camera still a good purchase today after all the information we have had recently delivered to us from Sony and others?

Yep, always will be too, for a great many people, myself included.

This is the perfect response! It should be enshrined here and reissued daily.

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