What was your first camera ever that sparked your interest in photography?

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Re: had a Kodak Instamatic 304

jess shudup wrote:

The model just below the one with auto film advance. But it used flash cubes, and had a selenium light sensor, although I wonder how much it was adjusting anything...

But it was better than my Brownie Starmite !

What really got me started though was the Kodak book "How to Make Good Pictures".

A late-50's edition, it was filled with good- better- best photos of numerous subjects. It was my first "tutorial" for composition, cropping, exposure, and basic photography. From age ten, I'm still at it.

Those were the days !

I remember as a lad when first getting into photography if dreaming of owning a camera that would have a fast enough shutter speed to stop say water thrown up into the air. I later did it with an old bellows film camera with a 250th of a second shutter speed. It was amazing seeing the print come up in the darkroom.  Can you imagine any camera buyer now getting excited about having a fast shutter speed and what they could do with it. My brother and I tried to mimic the Salvador Dali shot if cats, and water and things in the air if you know it. Our cats survived and no animals were harmed in the experiment! but do photographers get excited about what their cameras can do today. I sort of somehow think we all take their features for granted and not use them to their limits experimentally any more. Photography should be a lot of fun. Shooting your friend in a bar with a drink seems to be the limit of mist young people on FaceBook nowadays. It's not photography as we know it captain!

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