FZ70 or Fuji HS50?

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Re: FZ70 or Fuji HS50?

Holmes375 wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

Tim Trzcinski wrote:

I've compared hundreds of times since I've owned both cameras for over 6 months. I'm just giving the OP an honest opinion.

Opinion without proof is next to useless. Please post the side-by-side comparison with controlled variables as much as possible. I'll be interested too see what you have done to say that HS50 is no good above 700mm....

Bull. The man has used both cameras in the real world for half a year. His opinion is valid and of interest to many readers as it represents unbiased feedback - unless of course you detect bias in the man's comments. I do not.

It sounds like Tim really wanted the HS50 to be the one but it didn't stack up in his hands and in his reality. My initial hope and subsequent experience was the same.

And he doesn't have a thing to prove to you.

If he has no solid proof like what I have, I would say it is not the fault of the camera. Saying it is no good beyond 700mm should be taken as grain of salt. You can use any camera you want and say it is not good but make sure you provide a proof. I have seen horrible images from both cameras even FZ70 so I will not say one is superior than another in IQ.

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