Purchasing a NEX 5R/T or 6 a bad idea now?

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Re: Purchasing a NEX 5R/T or 6 a bad idea now?

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After a long decision process I have decided to go and purchase a NEX 5R or 6. I decided I didn't need what the 5T had to offer over the 5R. But . . .
After reading about the supposed death of the NEX line and the introduction of the A7/A7r would this make purchasing the NEX camera a bad idea? Would the availability of lenses till be there in the future? I just don't want to buy it if the lens market for it just dies.
So what is your all opinion on this? Is a NEX camera still a good purchase today after all the information we have had recently delivered to us from Sony and others?

Not at all. Considering that many NEX users will eventually switch to A7/r, there will be a fair amount of NEX bodies and lenses on sale. Just wait a bit and you will buy NEX-5R or 6 for a lower price.

Unlikely. Not that many NEX users will swap to FF when it comes to the crunch, in spite of all the excitment you see here at the moment. They just don't realise it at the moment:

- The A7 is *a lot* bigger than the current NEX cameras (most people bought NEX for its size)

- The A7 is very expensive and the lenses cost even more (most NEX owners are not that wealthy or prepared to spend that much money)

I suspect many will just hold onto their cameras until they get too-old and then either buy new APS-C bodies (if Sony make Rangefinder style ones) or just quietly slip away to other brands

The second hand price of NEX-5n bodies and kits is currently higher than the final sellout prices for new ones this time last year... this is not uncommon as recent second-hand stuff is often more expensive than 'closeout' new prices

The NEX-6 is currently 'fading away' and as it will probably not be directly replaced there will be no closeout deals as there were with the NEX-5, NEX-5n and NEX-5R

I strongly suspect that the NEX-5T will similarly fade away without direct replacement at some point in the not-too-distant future as rather like the NEX-3n, the A5000 that will replace it in the market segment will probably be so different that nobody will recognise the changeover (yes, I know the NEX-5T was at one point called the A5000, but they retracted that name before launch for a reason)

If the OP wants a NEX-5R he needs to buy it now - if it isn't already too late!

Will the old NEX lenses work on the new bodies?

Win situation for you.

As for lens market been dead - who cares? All the lenses are out there and I'm sure many of them will be produced for many years to come. Maybe we will even see some more APS-C lenses, since they were planned and some are probably almost ready for announcement. It's not like your NEX-5R is going to stop taking photos right? Take advantage of this situation and buy some NEX and enjoy shooting. Maybe down the road in a couple of years you can also switch to A7/r if need be.

The only bad thing in that is for those who are heavily invested in APS-C e-mount lenses - their resale value may go down (unlikely, since there is a quite a bit of a market right now for APS-C lenses). If you need just a couple of lenses to make you happy - I would just go for it and enjoy shooting excellent photos.

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