Sony RX10 pretty much killed the Panasonic FZ lines permanently

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Re: Sony RX10 pretty much killed the Panasonic FZ lines permanently

christylewis wrote:

I've been a follower for Panny FZ for like 10 years and finally and I mean FINALLY there's a company doing the magical thing we dreamt and wished Panny could and did - a huge sensor and fixed 2.8 zoom lens

It's revolutionary the way like RX100 did in the compact form factor.

The only two things I think FZ is still are ahead: the battery life and slow mo features

the RX10 pricing "maybe" a bit of concerns but i mean come on, how can we expect $999 or so for such a spec to be honest?

FZ users can say goodbye with poor low light performances, thanks Sony

I doný think so..

not for a minute..

it is doubling the price of an FZ200

At the price and size of an entry level Crop factor DSLR with similar DOF (f2.8 at 1" is not even close to f2.8 in a DX sensor) and SNR at low light/high ISO, perhaps, will still be better in a DX. And you need a 135mm lens to equal 200mm. eq in a DX  at 135mm f9 at 20ft you still have Shallower DOF than with this 1" sensor at f2.8..

So I don´t think so..

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