Welcome to the photo technology (soon to be Photo Science) forum

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Re: Welcome to the photo technology (soon to be Photo Science) forum

Great Bustard wrote:

LifeIsAVerb wrote:

aftab wrote:

Now I know where to come when life gets too complicated.

Seriously though, excellent idea.

I'd help lobby for a Photo art (or whatever it would be called) forum. Alternative processes. Experimental. Lo-mo. Collage. Independent of subject matter.

There's really no where to post this kind of stuff on DPR, unless the subject matter happens to fit within one of the somewhat arbitrary, existing categories.

The brand-specific forums are so gear-head dominated, that imagery is hardly given attention.

Who do we talk to?




Thank you!

I'll try to recruit some support from the NEX forum, currently buried in an avalanche of chatter about the just-annouced new models. People are talking about everything, like, really everything—even down to whether the new cameras should be discussed in that forum, or if a new one should be created—except pictures.

There are a handful of people there who seem to actually care about what makes for a successful picture beyond the "image quality" of the lens. Maybe they'd be in on a new A&E forum.


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