FZ70 or Fuji HS50?

Started Oct 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
Tim Trzcinski Regular Member • Posts: 173
Re: FZ70 or Fuji HS50?

Yes, it is the lens design. If there is any difference in IS it is not noticeable to me. Even at shutter speeds which are fast enough to have no problem with stability the difference remains the same. I REALLY like the HS50 and have tried every setting combination at full zoom because I want to be able to use it all the time but if I'm going to be shooting at full zoom the SX50 goes with me. I can add that I can also get sharper photos at full zoom with the Sony HX300 but they are not quite as good as the SX50 and I think in the case of the HX300 the reason is the sensor/JPEG processing combination rather than the lens.

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