Purchasing a NEX 5R/T or 6 a bad idea now?

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Re: Purchasing a NEX 5R/T or 6 a bad idea now?

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Elite83 wrote:

Don't see why they would just "drop" the rangefinder style bodies, they're what sets Sony apart from everyone else. And from what I've gathered over my years in the NEX forum, it's their highest praised "feature" that keeps everyone coming back.

I mean, who wants another boring DSLR styled camera body? Leave Canon and Nikon to take care of that nonsense. The big selling point of cell phones every year at release is how much thinner and lighter the device is, so (let's pretend for a minute Sony decided to stop making Rangefinder styled bodies in favor of models like the A3000 or some other hybrid)--why is the camera industry going backwards, for bigger, bulkier and heavier while cell phone are going for smaller and lighter?

If you consider this fact, I think that the rangefinder bodies aren't going anywhere. Currently, they're the only choice as far as optimum body size:sensor size, ratio on the market.


The reason would be two-fold

1. The A-mount team seem to have taken-over development of NEX cameras. This would explain a lot of the changes that we have seen recently (eg. the NEX-5R getting those dumb, but conventional strap lugs and newer Emount cameras having DSLR shapes). Prior rivalries between the NEX and A-mount teams might also explain why there was such a delay in releasing new NEX lenses, but there will be 15 FE lenses released in two years! It is possible that the A-mount team simply do not appreciate the Rangefinder body format, being as they are 'DSLR' people. It is also likely that many of the original NEX designers have been sacked or moved to other areas of the company when the new team took over

2. There is a clear demand from Sony management for the camera new team to go out and sell more cameras to people and the team's personal objectives and incentives will be based on this... this means that the team will be trying to sell to *new* people and will not care too much if the medium/long term consequences are that their current customers leave. There was a report claiming that US customers were resistant to mirrorless cameras because they didn't look like 'real cameras' (ie. didn't have a pentaprism). Therefore to increase short-term sales in market sectors that weren't buying before, the cameras will be modified to appeal to those customers (ie. they will be given pentaprism 'bulges'). Putting it bluntly, Sony are probably off chasing new customers and don't care about the ones they currently have

As much as I love Sony cameras, this makes me want to give them the middle finger and switch to a more reliable company.

As silly as it sounds, one of the reasons (not a major reason, but still a reason) why I chose the NEX as my first "real camera" was because I didn't want to look like everyone else with their chunky camera kits, running around with Rebel's and D3100's. I preferred to go with the compact styling (more for portability rather than aesthetics) but also because it looked so modern. Over the years I've had my NEX I've gotten many comments from passersby, asking what kind of camera it is because they've never seen one like that before--couldn't have made me more happy with my choice.

One could argue that your statements are simply speculation, but from what I know it's more or less fact. And it makes me sick. Screwing your preexisting customers is the best way to lose money. Who do they think buys the expensive gear? The newbies? Most likely not. It's the shooters who started out with the kit and wanted more to fit their expanding skills.

Really, it is just speculation on my part, not fact.  I was just suggesting how it *could* be that Sony don't make future rangefinder bodies, even though we might want to buy them.  However perhaps Sony are planning to make such bodies after all?

We need to wait for Sony to give us some kind of indication of what their plans are in the future before we can be sure of the situation

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