Shutter Priority Mode in Panasonic HC-V700, HC-V720 ?

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Re: Shutter Priority Mode in Panasonic HC-V700, HC-V720 ?

I have a question for owners of the Panasonic HC-V700 or HC-V720 camcorders.

Does it have a Shutter Priority mode ? i.e can i set it to a specific shutter speed (like 1/50s) and have it automatically set the correct aperture (iris) and ISO (gain) to get proper exposure

Hi, I have checked my V700 yesterday night: when I set a specific shutter speed and aim the camcorder at places with different brightness (from dark corner to LCD monitor or a lamp at ceiling), the exposure adjustments are obvious. So it seems to work in auto with shutter priority. If on top of that I play with "iris/gain", I can change brightness of the image (but when I do it, I do not know how many stops I am from an automatic exposure, pity).

Yes, automatic shutter priority should be very useful, because just plain program mode of V700 keeps shutter speed at ~1/2000 in bright sun light at sea, which results in choppy footage even with 60p!

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