Purchasing a NEX 5R/T or 6 a bad idea now?

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Re: Purchasing a NEX 5R/T or 6 a bad idea now?

Don't see why they would just "drop" the rangefinder style bodies, they're what sets Sony apart from everyone else. And from what I've gathered over my years in the NEX forum, it's their highest praised "feature" that keeps everyone coming back.

I mean, who wants another boring DSLR styled camera body? Leave Canon and Nikon to take care of that nonsense. The big selling point of cell phones every year at release is how much thinner and lighter the device is, so (let's pretend for a minute Sony decided to stop making Rangefinder styled bodies in favor of models like the A3000 or some other hybrid)--why is the camera industry going backwards, for bigger, bulkier and heavier while cell phone are going for smaller and lighter?

If you consider this fact, I think that the rangefinder bodies aren't going anywhere. Currently, they're the only choice as far as optimum body size:sensor size, ratio on the market.


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