Purchasing a NEX 5R/T or 6 a bad idea now?

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Re: Purchasing a NEX 5R/T or 6 a bad idea now?

From what I read on SAR "Editor’s note:! And the even bigger news is that there will be no more camera branded as “NEX”.  This doesn't state they will discontinue making what we now call NEX cameras but just implies they aren't going to use that NAME any more. Many on the form appear to have a similar interpretation.

My two cents worth on what to do: if you like either of those two cameras and they suit your needs, go for it. They will always be good cameras. Technology is always changing and you have to make a decision at some point. It will always be superceeded at some point. So don't worry about it, go buy what you want and then enjoy taking photos. At the end of the day that is what it is all about. Reading this forum can lead you to thinking that no matter what gear you gave, there is always something better - no offense to the gear heads either as i have learnt lots from you.

So go buy the camera and lenses want. Go use them. And whenever you start lusting after another body (camera that is) or lens, go use the ones you have. Works for me.

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