What was your first camera ever that sparked your interest in photography?

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Glen Barrington
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It wasn't a camera. . .

I grew up in the 1960's, and I don't think it was the objects of technology that moved kids of that era. I think it was the concept of using photography to communicate ideas that moved us. For many of us, it was the desire for change and influencing that change through media that came first. Some of us drifted to movies, some to books, and some to photography. At that time we knew a new technological world was coming, but we had no idea what it would look like so we concentrated on ideas. Changing the world was our goal instead.

For those inclined to photography, it was the photo magazines printed on high quality paper that inspired us. Life Magazine, The Saturday evening Post, Newsweek, and Nat Geo. NO magazine could survive in those days if they couldn't offer superb, rich photographs.

I see the concentration of my generation on the "meaning" of photos as being a bit on the other side of a fence from younger people. Sometimes when someone asks for C&C, I will ask them "What does it MEAN?" Often times I will get back an angry response along the lines of, "What does your shXt mean?!?!", or "Why does it have to mean anything?". This confuses me since my only response is, "How can it NOT mean something? How can you be unable to peel the layers from my photos and not see the meaning?"

I'm not complaining about young people, mind you. We are all the product of our respective environments. I accept what is happening, but that doesn't mean I fully understand it.

. . . Sorry for the digression, I'll pick the Canon FT-QL and my beloved Yashica Mat 124.

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