Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.1 on XP1 initial impressions (w/ focus distances)

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Re: Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.1 on XP1 initial impressions (w/ focus distances)

biza43 wrote:

Landsandgrooves wrote:

Okay. What am I missing here? There doesn't appear to be a sharp image in this group.

Is that the lens, or is it that the OP was not using a tripod, or . . . ?

What are others seeing?

This is not a slam on the photographer. I'm just wondering if others are seeing what I am.

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Tom Gresham

Have you ever used a super fast lens? Nobody buys a f1.1 lens because it is looking for sharpness... there is much more to a lens than sharpness: character, the way it draws, colour, contrast, and so much more. At f1.1, the depth of field is razor thin, so most of the image will be out of focus; that is precisely the point.

I actually used the loupe function on the images, and they are sharp where the focus was placed.

This 50 f1.1 Voigt has a very special way of rendering, in some ways similar to the Zeiss 50 f1.5 ZM, which has a Sonnar design. They give the images a certain "dreamy look", that can be quite special.

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Does my f/1.2 Nikkor count?

I guess your loupe function is sharper than mine.  (shrug)  Honestly, I don't find a sharp point.  I don't think this is a lens issue.  Seems to me to be more likely to be camera movement, but that's why I ask.

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Tom Gresham

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