What was your first camera ever that sparked your interest in photography?

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In the '80's camera's did not inspire anyone, just the photos they made

Norge65 wrote:

I first became involved with photography during a pj course in middleschool. We used whatever cameras we had but they were unimportant for the most part compared to what they could do, and in turn what we could do with the negatives in the dark room.

My parents gave me a leica m6 but what distinguished it to me more than anything else was the viewfinder was off to the side while most of the other cameras had a centered viewfinder. Results were similar enough and I was able to keep my dominant eye open.

I recall that the Canon A-1 (i think) was the newest hottest thing back then, but I think this was more about ad budget then it was about anything else. It looked like a generic black box, just like everything else.

The trend toward fetishizing gear was either not yet established or I was oblivious to it. I will say that it is a trend I hadn't really noticed until about 2010 or so.

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