UK Authorities Asking Gay Asylum-Seekers To 'Prove' Sexual Orientation

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Re: Dave, try to follow the logic

Chato wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

Chato wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

So it isn't a huge leap to go from harboring known criminals to harboring anyone else who seeks asylum. For any or no reason.

If you come from Uganda, or Iran, you have a prima facie case. Do you think that would apply if you came from the US and asked for asylum?

What I am saying is IF you were to accept a claim for asylum for gay people, without any proof or evidence, then anyone who would normally be denied asylum would just claim they were gay. Even if they weren't.

If we aren't allowed to question those claims, then it becomes "automatic asylum." Others who seek asylum are required to offer some proof. Why should there be an exception for one particular class of people? Unless some verifiable criteria is established then merely saying "I'm gay, and I want asylum" would work every time, and make a mockery out of the law.

My understanding is NOT that they're not allowed to question these claims, they want "proof." So how can you provide "Proof" of being Gay? Off to give a NJ to your interogator? I would think some simple questions would reveal if someone was out and out lying.

I know it sounds silly. What proof would we require? How would we check or verify it?

One could ask for the address of Gay hangouts in Tehran, or similar questions.

This problem exists because no one ever thought sexual preference would be used as a basis for claiming political asylum. But nowadays it seems.... anything goes.

That's because in Iran it's a capital crime to be Gay, and similar laws are in place in other countries.

My solution would be simply to deny all such claims. I would limit asylum to those who are persecuted due to their religion, ethnicity or political beliefs, and I would require some form of proof for those claims.

One can Google "Executions of Gay People" and then find out WHY they want asylum. But if your logic is logic, then anyone from Pakistan can claim to be a Christian, and then what??


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I think part of the problem is that they travel all the way to the UK to claim asylum, which is how far away? if someone is really desperate they go to the nearest safe place and claim asylum, surely?

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