Tea Party Conservatives in the US Congress....

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Tea Party Conservatives in the US Congress....

...seem bent on sabotaging America.

They have tried and failed to repeal Obamacare 42 separate times....that itself is the definition of insanity.

They are holding the US gov. hostage to try to get their way.  They are endangering the faith and credit of the entire US and their actions may well result in lower ratings for US Treasuries and Bonds that will cost billions because of resultant higher interest rates we will have to pay.

If the President or the Senate was holding up the debt limit by making their own demands the Tea Party would be crying bloody murder.

I think this is the worse group we have ever had in US politics and they are seemingly safe and sound in their gerrymandered districts.

Moderate Republicans who cross them are threatened with being "primaried", a real threat to their re-election.

It is very damaging to the US and could spill over into other countries if a financial crisis ensues.

I hope that each and everyone of them are thrown out of office come the next election.

The shame of it is, that the Tea Party's original idea of fiscal responsibility and lowering the National debt is a good one.  Why don't they work on improving our National Health Plan, it's not going away.

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