DSLR versus Mirror-less Cameras

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Re: DSLR versus Mirror-less Cameras

Since you don't mention any really special needs I think the best decision is in the size weight and control needed for your shooting style and grip.

Having an E-M5 and many DSLRs I sorely miss the better ergonimics of my large Canon 5Ds or 7D when I need quick control of functions. I find the small size of the E-M5 makes it morh difficult to adjust shooting parameters, but maybe it's just a personal thing. The E-M5 takes at least as good picures as my7D or 60D and in travelling allows me to take all 5 of my lenses. and camera in a tiny bag.

If I was only shooting from a car or at home I never would have bothered getting into mFT, however some people do simple because the find the DSLRs also weight too much or seem to intrusive due to their size, and prefer a more compact tourist looking camera for discrete street photography. Not many strangers appreciate being the subject of interest with a huge DSLR&lens but seem to ignore small cameras and mobiles.

Once you get past the format issue - DSLR/mFT/MILC then attempt to consider the long term lenses that suit your style and budget.

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