Budget or amateur off-camera setup for Canon SL1 - Yongnuo?

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Budget or amateur off-camera setup for Canon SL1 - Yongnuo?

Ok I bought the Canon SL1 due to its small size and portability, especially with the 40mm pancake lens. However, I’m now disappointed to learn it doesn't support wireless flash.

Considering I want to keep the camera, I’d like some tips or suggestions. My needs are baby/child portraits (home studio) and occasional field shoots. My skill level is amateur. I’ve come up with the following options:

1. Canon 600EX, but the flash plus transmitter, or two flashes, cost more than my camera. No go.

2. My understanding of Yongnuo is that I can get the 622C transmitter and a 500EX flash for $99 and $140. That seems great for a TTL setup.

3. Alternatively if I’m willing to go manual, I could get away with a Yongnuo RF-603 for $50 and a YN-560 III for $80. With the savings I could even get a second flash.

4. On the other hand, if I go manual, I could get an even cheaper Cowboy trigger and no-name flash for like $70 total.

So how much weight should I put on TTL? I like the idea to be honest, sometimes I want to grab the flash, prop it on a ledge or side table, point it at the wall, and shoot.

How good is Yongnuo?

What other options are there? I’d like to keep my budget around $300 (excluding a cheap studio lighting kit that I’m also buying).

Thanks very much,


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