GX100 color failure?

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Re: GX100 color failure?

It sure is at least a small jungle. Fujifilm X20 probably is not the best option as its zoom is less wide than the GX100. Only 28 and I read that the jpegs have problem with heavy NR.

If you want 24mm then Fujfilm XF1 might be something as it is close to it with 25mm. Not sure what hte NR is up to though as I've not checked the sample images. Some cameras like the X20 keeps the NR up even though it is set to Low or Off. That's the same habit as Ricoh had for the last three of their GR Digital compacts and also the GX200 which not offered real NR Off even though that option was there in the menu.

But while the X20 uses a X-trans sensor the XF1 still uses the EXR-Cmos.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 II have bigger sensor than the competitors 1" and a 28-100mm zoom.

Canon had miserable quality control issues with their zoom in their Powershot S100 and S110. I'm not sure how the sample variation and quality control is for the newer zoom in the S120 is. Hopefully better but hard to be sure about that.

Nikon Coolpix P330 is another small camera which like the Powershot S120 which also have a 24-120mm zoom and fast aperture at the wide end. Both and Fujifilm XF1 have slow aperture at the long end. But however that is of importance depends on how you value a such feature.

I've seen full size sample images from the P330 in at least one review not long ago and was not exactly impressed with the jpeg engine. But with that said I've not had a look at full size samples from the XF1 or Powershot S120 either yet. All these three should be ok with Raw though.

Panasonic LX7 is another one which might be of interest.

The best Ricoh have to offer at the moment is the GRDIV and the new GR. These are as you probably already know fixed lens compacts with 28mm lens and aps-c in the GR. Coolpix 'A' is a good competitor to the GR which might be worth to have a look at as well.

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