Disney World night parade + gel on flash

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Rosco PDFs on how to use gels

midwest man wrote:

I realize a flash for a night parade would not give the characters the right WB compared to the scene. Could using a gel on the flash allow for a sharper image in low light while keeping the theme of the parade? Specifically the Halloween parade with all the ghoulish guys and gals. I want to keep that dark scary feeling while getting a better sharper shot.

I was thinking about a yellow/amber gel to warm it up a bit. With all the colored lighting effects I wonder if it would be noticed or ruin the shot?

Any thoughts on this?

I don't have enough experience to answer your question, but I can mention that Rosco has several publications in PDF format that contains a lot of information on gels and how to use them.  The publications are geared towards theatrical lighting but they still contain a lot of information that is useful for photographers (i.e., compensating for different color temperatures.)

Rosco swatchbooks contain samples of gels that are just big enough to put on a camera flash.

Rosco Cinegel Swatchbook.  $2.50

When you find which colors work for you, you can buy 20x24 inch sheets for $6-$7.


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