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Re: Viewed Links Not Changing Colors

Simon Joinson wrote:

Ahender wrote:

If I go to a DPR forum, click on a thread and read it, then click the back arrow, the thread/link that I viewed does not show as being viewed (change colors).

This happens in Chrome and IE10.

If I leave the site and come back in, the thread shows that I have read it.

If I am visiting other sites, Yahoo, Fred Miranda, etc., once I click on a link, then arrow back, it always shows that I have viewed the link.

Here's the really odd part.

If I view an unread forum link in Chrome, then open up the forum in IE10, it shows the link as being viewed, even though it was never viewed in IE10.

This is telling me that the viewed links are not controlled by the browser but by your scripts.

Is that true?

Visited threads and posts for logged-in users are managed on the server side (we do this so we can show you threads you've visited that have new posts - a side benefit is that you'll see which posts you've already visited even in a different browser or on a different computer).

One downside of this is that on a slow connection (or when the connection is interrupted) it can take a second or so for the visited links to change color when you first arrive at a page.


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Simon Joinson, Editor-in-chief

Thanks Simon.

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