Fujifilm f600EXR slow motion movies

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Re: Fujifilm f600EXR slow motion movies

photoreddi wrote:

Edmund Dorf wrote:

I don't have this model but I suspect that your movie setting was set to one of the High Speed settings where sound is not captured.

I never shoot movies with the F600EXR and don't know what the manual has to say about sound, but you're right. The first three options for MOVIE MODE in the SHOOTING MENU are different resolutions, all 30fps. Below that is 640x480 80fps, followed by 320x240 160fps and 320x112 320fps.

Yes, i checked the F750EXR manual and it shows the same HS (high speed) movie settings.

If you play back such a movie, most software does not recognize the frame rate, so you get (what looks like) slow motion.

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