Ominous water leakage in E-5

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Re: Ominous water leakage in E-5

dav wrote:

You should NEVER turn on any electronic device that is wet, esp salt water, NEVER blow with air or hair dryer, it will force water further in, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the air away from device, then put it in the rice or silica gel for a day or two. Of course you should take out batteries cards etc as soon as possible too.

Not only blowing sounds crazy, but even crazier it sounds when people blow WARM air. We all know what happens when water is warmed, it becomes vapor and when the warm water vapor hits colder surface it will condense and become water again. Also the heated up water, especially when blown, will more easily get into smaller cracks and openings and it will easier find it's way everywhere, which is exactly what the OP ended up with.

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