Medical Imaging Ad....Could use some CC

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Re: Reality varies

I myself am a doctor and can assure you, most doctors nowadays, at least in California, don't fit the stereotypical appearance of what doctors look like.  That said, I do agree with Hulamike in several ways.  Although, these ads aren't about promoting the doctor.  Rather, they're meant to promote an imaging center, in which I'm showing more personal sides of doctors, portraying them not just as doctors, but also as trusting patients, and not necessarily trying to invoke a sense of professionalism or stiffness about them.

If I were promoting the doctors as professionals, it might be a different story.  I simply told them to show up how they would dress for work, bring their stethoscopes or briefcases, and their families.

And yes, those are hospital scrubs.  Only ER docs, surgeons and anesthesiologists will be wearing scrubs.  The rest have worn regular clothes, plus or minus a tie.  But all wear a lab coat, even though they don't necessarily wear one at work, which does add to the concept.

Thanks again for all the input.  It really helps.


Hulamike wrote:

It's about promoting a concept, we're not speaking about authenticity. Sure young people grow 3 day beards today but do you want that as your poster child in this promotion? Especially with a wrinkled lab coat? Wouldn't want that guy working on me. I'd urge him to take a nap, take a shower, shave and get back to me in the am.

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