GM1 vs LX7. I think I'd rather have the LX7

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Re: GM1 vs LX7. I think I'd rather have the LX7

The frustrating thing is that there's no way of proving these points unless you have access to the kit and use it.  It's also a very subjective assessment so you might be happy to just go with an SLR and another will prioritise the portability of an LX7.

No retailer is going to let you truly assess these options, so we're left to gather internet reviews and the possibly biased opinions of others.

Personally I'm not particularly happy with the size of my MFT third camera with it's kit lens.  It's not a world away from my SLR in size.   Reach isn't as important to me as pure photographic quality and portability, so an LX7 or a Sony RX100 are devices I'd love to get my hands on and find out my own truth.

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