LR - Export ”User Order” without ”Rejected” photos

Started Oct 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
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LR - Export ”User Order” without ”Rejected” photos

Hi forum!

I´m quite new to LR but I hope You´ll find this usefull anyway. I have been missing the function to only export the photos I´ve selected (without moving or deleting ”Rejected” photos) and at the same time export the photos with the ”User Order” I´ve added in LR.

This is important for me as I store my photos on a NAS and watch them with other SW than LR.

Step by step guide - all done in LR “Library”.

1) Reject the photos as you go through your PP in LR using eg. Rejected photos will be marked with a black flag with a white cross.

2) While going through 1) or as a separate operation after 1) or 3) you ad Your choice of order for the pictures. To do this You chose “Sort: User Order” and just drag and drop pictures into the order You´d like.

3) When done with 1) ”Sort: Pick”. This will sort your pictures in rejected and not rejected photos.

Chose the not rejected photos. Right mouse click and chose “Set Flag: Flagged”. Your not rejected photos will now be marked with a white flag.

4) Chose “Sort: User Order” again (unless you just performed 2 and therefore already have this set). In the top right corner under “Filter Off” You chose “Flagged”.

You should now only have the photos you have chosen (“Flagged”) and they should be sorted according to your liking.

5) In “Export” You need to ad “Image #” as the first unique part of the filename of the exported photos. The photos will now be exported and stored with your customized user order.

Although this is not rocket-science, I hope it will help someone.

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Regards 9ck

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