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Re: What I take from all this.

Lawrencew wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

They will be shooting themselves in the foot, any possible announcement-thunder stolen from their product, if they even consider launching the M2 anytime around this:


Possibly,but at every trade show there are announcements from multiple vendors that always 'trump' someone else.

But the Sony A7 is in a completely different ballpark to the M2 - at least double the price, and going for a different target market (one expects).

All the other camera manufacturers at Photoplus are not going to hold off announcing their new stuff just because Sony is announcing the A7 no matter how attention grabbing that might be.

They still need to get their latest models released and onto the shelves in time for Christmas regardless of what Sony or anyone else does.

"different ball park" can be a elusive concept.

For instance, I am in the market for a second, small-sized, good-image-quality camera to complement my 1DMKIV and cater for the "camera" vector of a planned "light-travel" package.

The M(2) makes 99% sense, because of the ability to use the lenses I already have together with a couple of dedicated ones.

...But, suddenly, with this incredible Sony proposal, it starts to make sense selling half of my Canon lenses line-up, keeping only my preferred ones, add that to my already planned expense (M2 + 2 or 3 dedicated lenses) and go "double system".


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