24Mp or 36Mp ??

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You can't possibly be wrong

Riquez wrote:

From the voting its clear that most current NEX owners are eager for FF - but are those people not concerned about their existing emount lens collection?

I guess some of you shoot FF manual lenses, or plan to transition to FE lenses. But for me ~ the one lonely vote for nex7 ~ I'd rather stick with the emounts i have & getting only 10mp from them seems a step backwards. Am I wrong to think that?

No way are you wrong at all. It makes perfect sense to me. Its just about how different we all are.

I look at it from my point of view which is different to yours. I ask my self, what can a new version or updated NEX-7 give me what I don't have already.

Here's where it comes in. I only use legacy lenses, so an increase in AF speed does not interest me at all, IBIS, a complete waste of time for how I shoot. Apps and WI-FI, I have no use for them. I certainly don't need an increased resolution with an APS-C sensor.

I do however see why a lot or most want those features, so you are not wrong at all. If that is what Sony did, is to just bring those features out in a new NEX-7, I would simply keep using mine now and possibly add another NEX-7 to what I use. Two bodies would be excellent.

All the best and the only improvement over the NEX-7 for what I take, could well be FF, but then again, maybe not You are not wrong though at all.


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