24Mp or 36Mp ??

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Re: 24Mp or 36Mp ??

I pixel peep, I crop and I shoot macro and I do not do video (lack of AA filter will not matter that much), thus the 36 MP of A7R is a clearcut choice for me. I also Have a pile of E Mount lenses and some of them may serve me in crop mode initially so 16 MP is much nicer than 10 MP. Some random thoughts on the subject though

- from what we have heard the AF is still not trying to compete with the SLRs and if the AF difference between 2 models is like between Nex-6 and Nex-7 (have had both) then I doubt I'd even notice much difference. Since I'm no pro I can freely enjoy challenge of getting a nice shot on an acrobatic plane on an airshow or similar with CDAF. As we know from certain members of the forum it can be done even on the ramdomly flying birds. Maybe PDAF would get more keepers, but I have no delivery schedules. One's mileage will vary, this is purely matter of preferance

- I do not get the worry about higher res needing tripod. The Nex-7 has way smaller pixels than a 36 MP FF camera has and yet I capture eye-lashes of our active/moving baby handhelding the non-stabilized MF Makro Planar 50/2 wide open on my Nex-7 just fine.

- another thing I do not get is that 36 MP FF would need uber-lenses like Otus to get the details out. Again, super-lens will help the get images across the frame wide open, but pixels are still bigger than those of the Nex-7. Lloyd Chambers (digglloyd.com) tested Zeiss Makro Planar 50/2, good lens but not uber-expensive, on a Nex-7 and Nikon 7100 to check if the Makro Planar is "56 MP FF compliant" for rumored Nikon D4x and his conclusion was definate yes. Take a good lens, stop it down to say 4-5.6 and enjoy pixel peeping those cool 36 MP FF details

- for low-light or high ISO I do not expect the 2 versions to be relevantly different, once 36 MP is  downsampled to 24 MP. Pretty much same thing as Nex-6 vs Nex-7 (practically identical ISO score on Dxomark than downsamples) and as noticed several times between Nikon D4 and D800, downsample to D4 resolution and things are mostly equal.

Obviously everyone makes the decisions based on their own parameters, but I find that "anti-resolution" talk quite often does not have any science to support it, other than the fact that computing power needed for PP grows with resolution

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