24Mp or 36Mp ??

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Re: 24Mp or 36Mp ??

blue_skies wrote:

24Mp or 36Mp?

According to SAR, both the A7 (24Mp) and the A7r (36Mp) will have offset micro-lenses, and both should therefore work with WA RF lenses and to-be-newly-designed short WA FE (and E) lenses.

· The 36Mp will not have OSPAF and no AA filter, for ‘purest’ sensor experience (highest IQ).

· In crop mode, the 24MP crops to about 10Mp, whereas the 36Mp crops to about 15Mp.

· The 36Mp A7r is $500 more (30%).

I have the Nex-7 with 24Mp and the Nex-6 with 16Mp, and found that the Nex-7 looses a lot of the extra pixels when shooting under low light, coupled with reduced high-ISO NR/DR response. Stay at a low, or mid-level ISO, and the Nex-7 is superior in terms of color rendering, metering, and detail (per pixel).

Still, I am more than pleased with the Nex-6 images, and do not feel a ‘need’ for the extra pixels. (I don't print that big).

Now the same dilemma applies to the FF 24Mp and 36Mp. Is this a D600 versus D800 déjà vu?

This discussion theme is then continued by many more commentators, all essentially giving the nod to the 24Mp version. As Ken Rockwell claims: “The 24Mp sensor is optimum for FX”.

Please note that the price differential for the D800 vs D600 is also substantial, about $1,000, or 33% - so it is not dissimilar from the A7r vs A7 gap.

The A7 with 24Mp needs an AA filter – the pixels are too large (spatial frequency). Whereas the A7r with the 36Mp might do without the AA filter. At the pixel level, the 36Mp image will be much sharper (as long as you use a tripod). But you have to print (very) big to notice this in practical applications. So I can understand a big ‘sharpness’ difference between 24Mp and 36Mp.

Which is also great if you crop. But I do not plan to crop much – I rather change lenses.

My current (small FF prime) lenses: CV21/4, CG28/2.8, CG35/2.0, CV35/1.4, ZM35/2.0, CG45/2.0, CV75/2.8, CG90/2.8, and I plan to use OM50/1.4, OM100/2.8 and OM135/2.8 (and maybe the OM28/2.0).

This btw seems rather comparable to E16/2.8, S19/2.8, E24/1.8, S30/2.8, E35/1.8, E50/1.8, S60/2.8.

In other words - FF does not gain me a whole lot, really: In FF equiv FOV, FF versus APS-C:

  • 20mm: F/4 versus F/2.8 is same (E16)
  • 28mm: F/2.8 versus F/2.8 yields one stop for FF (E20)
  • 35mm: F/2.0 versus F/2.0 yields one stop for FF (E24) (ignoring f/1.4 FF lens)
  • 50mm: F/2.0 versus F/2.0 yields one stop for FF (E35) (ignoring f/1.4 FF lens)
  • 75mm: F/2.8 versus F/2.0 is same (E50)
  • and so on

I am interesting to hear Sony's official announcement and reasons for the two different sensors.

Thus far, I am inclined to consider the 24Mp, and not the 36Mp. Am I alone in this sentiment? Perhaps this poll can shed some light on people's bias?

What other things to consider between the two sensors, or better, other reasons to spend the extra money?

1000$  between D600 and D800?

The prices for the D600 are low beacuse the oil problem

The price difference between the 24Mpix D610 (D600 replacement ) and the D800 is 400$

How would you rate the optical differences of the A-mount vs the E-mount for FF?

Is there a difference?

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