Spec comparison: Fuji X 55-200 vs. EOS-M 55-250

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Re: Spec comparison: Fuji X 55-200 vs. EOS-M 55-250

WT21 wrote:

I have rented/owned several of the Fujis (XPro 1 -- too big for me, XE1 -- still a bit big, but a nice camera. XM1 -- the closest comparison to the EOS-M).

IMO, the 22mm Canon is a saving grace. The Fuji 27/2.8 is not in the same class as the 22mm Canon. Doesn't open as wide. Not as sharp. Not great bokeh. Flare issues. No starbursts at small apertures. I think the colors are equal, though different.

I like the touch screen on the EOS. Then there's the price. Everything else, IMO, is better on the Fuji XM/XA body -- faster camera, more control points, faster AF, etc. But you do need to try both, because so much is personal.

I did handle the 55-200 at my local camera store, and it's pretty darn big and heavy, at least when on a body like the XM or XA.

Thanks for sharing your impressions on the Fuji-X system.  As of now, my only experience with Fuji is my X100S which I really love using.  I did have to add an expensive adapter plate and grip from ReallyRightStuff to make it handle the way I want it to.

I look forward to seeing how everyday shooting with the EOS-M and 22 compares to the X100S.

Before buying the X100S, I rented the EOS-M.  It had the older firmware.  I couldn't get past the really slow AF and I didn't spend enough time learning how to adapt to the touch screen.

Having read a lot of positive reviews about the EOS-M since the firmware update, I decided to give it another chance.  Even if I have to limit the EF lens I use with it due to size/weight, the EOS-M should be a lot better than my current m43 setup (Panasonic GF5, 14-42 power zoom, 20mm pancake, 45-200).

Really small camera bodies with large lens seems to be a problem for some people.  I've noticed such comments about the Olympus EM-5 as being too small or too big, depending on the lens attached to it.

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