Sony's response to the XS-1 ?

Started Oct 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
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response to failed product, ironic!

SHood, I appreciate the news, although Sony shills have pasted it all over many other newsgroups. Not sure if there are really that many people excited about the camera, or just trolls.

photoreddi wrote:

Fuji's tech. told me a couple of weeks ago that early next year we'll be seeing new models to replace the HS35EXR and HS50EXR, but there won't be any X-S1 replacement because its sales were worse than what Fuji expected. If Fuji had a 1" sensor, 400mm X-S2 in its plans, I'd have my pre-order in already, but as I wrote, Not. Going. To. Happen.

Maybe Sony can leverage popularity of the RX whatever cameras and this will sell well.

The XS1 is too big and heavy for me. My daughter has not yet broken her FZ18, which is long overdue for an upgrade. Depending on size and weight, the Sony could be a contender, although probably not at the announced price.

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