Nikon Coolpix p7100 Q: Adapter rings, filters & lenses

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Nikon Coolpix p7100 Q: Adapter rings, filters & lenses



I have an early Halloween story for you.

You visit this forum and around the corner you see... a new Nikon Coolpix owner who has very limited camera experience, and has a few questions for you.

Scared yet? No? Then read on.

(*Warning the following post has been flagged by some users as a cause of eye fatigue. Because it's long)

Okay I'm not perfectly at square one, I have been trying to assimilate chunks of general camera/photography information as well as specific information about my camera, so I've been able to take some pictures that I haven't thrown out.

I don't have a particular focus so far beyond avoiding taking pictures with people in them. Pictures of people don't appeal to me. So I like taking photos of trees, landscape, leaves, equipment etc.. anything but people. Well... except a few shots where my family were some distance of and either facing away from me or the light created an almost silhouette look. Also I really like monochrome/black & white photos. Also-Pt2 I've got a cree flashlight in the mail that will give me a 100% variable control from .5 lumens to 440 lumens. So I hope to experiment with light painting.

Anyway that should take care of the "What are you taking pictures of" replies that I've seen other topics end up with.

Er.. also-Pt3 I have no intention of making a living out of photography and I don't want all my hobby money to go to 1 hobby, so i'm not buying a $500-anything even if it lets me zoom all of the way to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Never mind, I'd buy that...

The Question:

Okay so I've figured out I can get adapter rings for my camera that allow the attachment of external filters and lenses, and I've seen some comments suggesting that some but not all interfere with zooming, getting you stuck in a wide angle position or something similar. But posts on this very forum have pointed out a couple adapter rings that don't do that.

I suppose my biggest question is how flexible/universal are these adapter rings?

I've seen them in at least 52mm and 58mm sizes. (btw which is better, if at all for the p7100?)

And I've seen lenses and filters specifically marked for P7000, P7100 etc.. (the product listing anyway, not the product) But after getting say a 58mm adapter ring in my hand, can I use any 58mm threaded lens/filter?

It seems that the prices drop if I search by 52mm or 58mm instead of by P7100.

Now is probably as good a time as any to point out I'm looking at the cheaper sources of lenses at the moment, I:E,, and The photography supply websites seem higher than I'm interested in at the moment. I've also done a lot of shopping from Ebay, Dx and Aliexpress in the past and knowing how to buy securely I've had some very good experiences from them. So the listings I'm looking at are primarily from there

I think the accessories I want the most are: A wide angle lens for wider shots, a Fisheye lens for Panoramas, a Polarizing lens, a Neutral density lens (the camera has a built-in one, but I figure an external would help too, I'd like to play with long exposures)

A $3 IR remote (with reviews from satisfied Nikon owners) is in the mail.

A kit on ebay that currently interests me is:

(The Macro lens interest me as well)

Anyway that's it. I dislike making long posts, I suspect no one reads them. Yet I seem to always make them. I suppose in part I've a lot of forum topics where someone asks a quick 1 sentence question, and then it takes a week for the rest of the required information to get dragged out before the question can be answered. Or maybe I'm long winded.... or.. <insert reason here>

Thank you for your patience. Seriously, I mean it.

Any information you can contribute is appreciated and held with respect.

Also remember that your answer doesn't just help me, but those who i share with at a later date (offline or online) as well as the photographer who sees this topic a year from now.

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