Beginner wondering why .mp4 audio/video is out of sync?

Started Oct 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
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radionowhere New Member • Posts: 6
Beginner wondering why .mp4 audio/video is out of sync?

I'm a total digital video beginner, having a weird (to me) issue in the music videos I've shot with my Samsung NX1000, which is that the video and audio are out of sync with each other when viewed in most apps…but not all. Here's the rundown:

Out of sync in:

- Finder windows (when quick-look previewed by hitting space bar)

- QuickTime Player 10

- Final Cut Pro X

In sync in:


I imported the movies from my camera to my Mac over USB cable, using the Image Capture app. The files are in .mp4 format, and the related codecs are H.264 and AAC.

Does anyone know what's going on here? I'm sure there are apps I could use to sync the video and audio, but if anyone can help me solve this problem in the camera in the first place, that would really speed up my workflow.


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