Spec comparison: Fuji X 55-200 vs. EOS-M 55-250

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Spec comparison: Fuji X 55-200 vs. EOS-M 55-250

I've been thinking about a Fuji system for a while. Was planning on getting a used XM1 until the whole XM1/XA1 controversy kicked up.

Now I'm thinking maybe I'll just still with my little EOS-M a while.

I compared the Fuji 55-200 vs. the Canon 55-250 STM. I liked the comparison so much, I went ahead and ordered the STM.

Attribute: Fuji vs Canon

  • Focal length equivalent: 84-305 vs 88-400: Canon gets more reach on the long end, same on the wide end
  • Aperture: 3.5-4.8 vs. 4.0-5.6: Fuji has a brighter aperture by 1/2 stop+
  • Min Focus Distance: 1.1m vs. .85m: for me, closer is always better, so the Canon wins here
  • Max Mag: .18x vs. .29x: Again, nicer on the Canon
  • Ap. blades: 7 vs. 7: Of course, that doesn't really tell you the bokeh. I'll have to look for samples
  • Filter size: 62mm vs. 58mm: for me, personally, I already have 58mm filters, as my other canon lenses are mostly 58mm
  • Size (DxL): 75x188mm vs. 70x111mm. That's a pretty sizable difference on length. Also, if I remember the Canon 55-250, there is minimal zoom creep because the front element isn't that heavy
  • Weight: 580g vs 375g: that's a huge difference for walking about in the Canon's favor
  • Price: $699 vs $349. That's a lot of savings.

Fuji has a more "consumer" oriented zoom lens on their roadmap, but it's not out yet, and it has an even smaller aperture

I read on Canonrumors that there might not be any more Canon announcements this year, but if they released an M2 w/the 70D PDAF, this kind of lens would simply rock on that body.

I get the lens tomorrow, and will try to get some samples to post either in this thread or one of the other 55-250 STM threads.

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