US Veterans removed Memorial barricades...

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Re: US Veterans removed Memorial barricades...

Todd Ka wrote:

Wheatfield wrote:

Just get your talking points from the Polit bureau this morning?

Right wing morons breaking the law and protesting = good.

US citizens asserting their dominance in the political landscape.

He is trying to inflect pain on people since he and the beltway could are terrified that people might look around and realize that we do not need all this burdensome government.

I would not be surprised if he willfully and against congressional law CHOOSES to let American default instead of reallocating incoming funds to service the debts as he and the federal government are required to do by law in order to hurt the public.

That would be your fantasy world at play again.

If Obama had pulled this crap before the election he would have been drummed out of office.

Left wing protesters peacefully protesting = bad.

Only in libtard la la land can left wing protesters engage in drug use, rape, theft and the destruction of private property (as they typically do) and it be consed peacefully protesting.

How sweet. you cast such nice aspersions. Pity you lie.

Occupy wall street anyone?

Which were, for the most part, peaceful until persons not associated with the actual protests (most likely right wing opportunists) got involved.

A tea party event and an occupy camp. That is all you need to see in order to understand the difference between the right and the left.

An occupy camp is peaceful, an occupy camp that has been invaded by right wing thugs, not so much. One thing the right has learned very well is the lessons of political machinations from 1930s Germany.

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