Medical Imaging Ad....Could use some CC

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Re: Medical Imaging Ad....Could use some CC

These are good points; and I'm sure sure what to say other than neither are professional models...and doctors tend to be relatively stiff in general.  Though, he does have his arm around her if that counts.

Also, the text specifies "doctors and their families" so I'm hoping that will convey the fact that everyone in each ad is related.  Plus, I live in a small community; and a lot of people will know this family personally.

Upcoming ads will incorporate kids in them, and hints of humor as I let all the kids behave as kids.  So, their poses tend to be pretty childlike.  I want the doctors to be the main subject in each ad, or at least be easily recognizable as the doctor, while at the same time revealing a part of their personal lives. They will all be wearing lab coats, whereas the rest of the family members are dressed in everyday clothes.



Michael Fritzen wrote:


sorry to say so but I don't see an emotional link between the two models. If the "doctor" is only the medical then why is he touching the woman? Although if the "doctor" is suposed to be the husband and father of the child he looks too distant, too unlinked. One stranger (model) touching another because the photographer asked to pose that way. The woman's look is believable (a good "actress") the man not so.

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