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jwilliams wrote:

I have been shooting some video lately with the EOS-M and notice the video files are much larger than comparable files from my Oly EM5 or Panny GH1. Looking at the files I notice the EOS-M has a bit rate of 45 kbps where the others are in the 15-25 kbps range. I like the video and know faster bit rate is better in general. I looked in the menus and don't see any way to control the bit rate directly, just the format (1080 or 720) and the fps rate. Is there any way other than dropping to a lower resolution or frame rate to get a little smaller files?

My video usage is strictly home video type stuff so no need that last bit of perfection, especially if it blows up the file sizes.

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You could convert or render to a lower bitrate and/or resolution in an editor, but the bitrate/larger file sizes is a plus. This helps with the high quality video images.

External storage is cheap; perhaps shoot EOS M video and buy more storage?

You could buy a sub-$100 pocket camera that shoots 720p HD.

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