Turn garage into 'make-shift' studio

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Re: Turn garage into 'make-shift' studio

Sailor Blue wrote:

Pitbullo wrote:

Your idea for a studio is identical to mine!
I have a house under construction at the moment, ready to move in for christmas. The garage is for a single car, 4x6 meters (approx.), and about 3m to the celing. I am thinking of mounting a backdrop to the celing, and use speedlites for lighting. Easy to rig and clear away.

Planning ahead is a good idea but using hot-shoe flash units means you will have to work without modeling lights.

With modeling lights you get the lighting right before you ever press the shutter button.

You can do portraiture with hot-shoe flash units but you start by guessing at their position, take a test shot, chimp the image, adjust the light position, shoot, chimp, repeat several more times. That is totally frustrating to both the photographer and subject - especially the subject who has to sit there and hold a pose while you fiddle with the lights.

Just as you did a lot of planning ahead for your new home you should plan ahead for studio equipment. Learn before buying, then buy good quality or you will find you have wasted your money. I know this from bitter experience.

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I´m with you on this one, and I have already found a studio kit I want to get, later on. An Elinchrom Style RX 600/600 to go. However, at the moment I need to get the house finished, and after that I´m broke If I can get the backdrop mounted I can live with a few speedlites until I can justify a kit.

Planning is gold, and turning a garage in to a studio sounds like a good plan!

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