GX100 color failure?

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Re: GX100 color failure?

rhlounsbury wrote:

Thanks to Carl & Martin for your experience that the batteries are probably innocent bystanders.

Carl, per your suggestion I tried shooting both raw and jpeg file formats... same results in both. The live view on LCD prior to taking shot is perfectly OK; the color effect appears only after shot is taken. This implies that the problem may not be the sensor itself?

Here are a couple of sample shots:

Shot on kitchen counter with LED lighting. Note color chart, on which the light blue squares have gone vibrant green. The countertop and backsplash are white in real life.

Outdoors on a sunny day, sunlight & shade, black car on asphalt

Yep either the sensor or processing circuitry but likely the sensor.

Not much you can do about that. I don't know if the CRIS camera center in Arizona can fix that or not or if the price of fixing it would cost you more than a really good condition used one. I just picked up a GX100 w the EVF for 149.00 and its in like new condition.


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