Will the image quality of the A65 considerably improve...

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Re: Will the image quality of the A65 considerably improve...


on a side note I'd suggest to not to draw further conclusions about the optical qualities of a lens based on:

1) a single shot; and

2) of a real scenery with a shot taken under everything other than controlled conditions.

From my experience it take quite some time and a bunch of shots taken under "real life" conditions to get to a more conclusive evaluation about the performance (and possible quirks / flaws) of a single lens. Much more so for a comparision of differnent lenses (of different constuction principles). And then mostly the results are at best "relative" among the compared units and hardly can be considered valid for a certain line of lenses. Even a database created from several testers of a certain lens model over the time like on dyxum is only indicative.

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